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CRPC Education Centre

All courses and services are also delivered online!

  About us

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Dr Ayse Gursel


PhD in Education and Management,

MSc in Career Guidance,

MA in International Business.

Ayse is the Director of the Company. Having spent over 19 years working in school leadership and management, as well as an education consultant and career guidance and development practitioner, she has the privilege of owning and directing CRPC education centre.

CRPC (Cyprus Recruitment and Placement Consultancy) is a British Council and UCAS-approved centre specializing as an educational consultant and university agent for more than 20 years. In 2017, CRPC started to deliver a range of courses carefully designed to fulfil your needs for career development and university preparation and support. This site will guide you to find all the essential information needed about our centre and services.

We welcome local and international students from diverse countries with a vision of training independent and autonomous individuals. We believe that our students will benefit from the cultural richness and the academic training they will receive here and expand their potential as global learners by joining our programme.
We look forward to meeting you in our education centre.

Our Courses

We specialize in delivering foundational and courses (2-3 years diploma programme) in subjects: English, Turkish, French, Business, International Relations, Computer Skills and Research Techniques. We aim to support all our students academically and career-wise in the topics chosen through extensive training. These courses offer our students skills compatible with those delivered in universities and competencies that one may encounter throughout the career path.


We aim to organize courses at all levels for students whose mother tongue is not Turkish. The main target is to teach vocabulary and deliver studies of speaking, listening, reading and writing. We enroll student from Beginner to Advanced Levels based on student’ placement test scores and assign them to the most suitable level groups.


We deal with the foundation issues in the field of Business. The course introduces the key issues in the area of business and placement opportunities are offered for successful students.

Computer Skills

We cover the fundamental and essential notions of the field. The goal is to allow students to have the necessary knowledge of computer tools.


We aim to teach in Turkish to eliminate barriers by providing a space where people can come together and learn to speak and understand each other. We teach in a highly personalized and supportive environment with a limited number of students in the classroom. We enroll student from Beginner to Advanced Levels based on student’ placement test scores and assign them to the most suitable level groups.

Research Techniques

We focus on teaching you how to do quality rearch.


We aim to increase students’ language proficiency in a highly personalized and supportive environment with a limited number of students in the classroom. We enroll student from Beginner to Advanced Levels based on students’ placement test scores and assign them to the most suitable level groups.

International Business

We deal with the donation issues in the field of International Relations and equips learners with core issuers in area of International Relations.

Our Services

Student Guidance

The principle responsibility of CRPC is to provide guidance to individuals planning to shape their future. CRPC has been offering valuable consultations and services since September 2004.

Visa Processing

CRPC offers student visa assistance for students requiring a visa for education abroad.

Official Representation

CRPC has undertaken the official representation of many quality British, Canadian, USA, Turkish universities and language schools all over the world.


CRPC helps student to find a good place to live.


​CRPC not only helps the students in finding the right course based on their skills and interests but also offers assistance in placing the students in the right institutions.

Study Online

CRPC is a well-established college located in the centre of Cyprus, Nicosia. You can register at our school and attend classes. Otherwise, it is possible for you to take our online classes and receive your diploma.

CRPC Application

How to apply for CRPC Education Centre?

You can apply to CRPC:

  • Make direct application to the school, 

  • You can apply through our school agents,

  • For your application or course inquiries, you can contact with  us via this form.

Overseas Application

How to apply for overseas universities?


Direct Applications

CRPC, Cyprus Recruitment and Placement Consultancy, works with many American, British,European and Turkish institutions in a direct way. Your applications will be sent through e-mail instead of posting which this will help you to save time. Our professional relationship, and reliable company profile, also act as a referee on your behalf. In your second visit to our office upon appointment, you are expected to bring the necessary documents for application. Services including university placement, accommodation and others are provided by our company.


International Application Portals

UCAS, which represents all state universities in the UK is an association of the UK Ministry of Education. UCAS offers you the opportunity of applying online to five universities. We take pride in announcing that CRPC is a UCAS center in Cyprus. Studielink is the Dutch national database for admission to higher education. This system is operated by DUO which operates on behalf of the ministry of education, and keeps track of all students who are studying in the Netherlands. The Common Application, which is accepted by more than 1,000 schools, including some colleges located outside the U.S., helps streamline an essential part of the admissions process for students. The Central Applications Office processes applications for undergraduate courses in Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). We process your application on your behalf.

Don’t delay your future!


Gursel Apt. No: 3 Sht Ongun M. Hulusi
St. Yenisehir/Nicosia,Cyprus

+90 533 840 8606

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