Applications for overseas universities


How to Apply


You can apply to the British institutions in two different ways:

1-Direct Applications:

CRPC, Cyprus Recruitment and Placement Consultancy, works with many British institutions in a direct way.  Your applications will be sent through e-mail instead of posting which this will help you to save time. Our good relationship, and reliable company profile, will also act as a referee on your behalf.  In your second visit to our office upon appointment, you are expected to bring the necessary documents for application. Services including university placement, accommodation and others are provided by our company.

2-UCAS Applications:

UCAS, which represents all state universities in the UK is an association of the UK Ministry of Education. UCAS offers you the opportunity of applying online to five universities. We take pride in announcing that CRPC is a UCAS center in Cyprus.

We process your application on your behalf.


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