Study in Cyprus



CRPC offers a great opportunity to both International and Cypriot students.


Local students do not need to study with foundation, abroad anymore. Students, who study at CRPC Education Centre,  have the chance to start directly from  the first year of the university. After successful completion of studies at CRPC, students will be able to start their education from quality universities in the UK, Canada, USA, Turkey and Cyprus from year 1. (You can see the full list of universities at CRPC 'universities' section.  


Local students have the opportunity to start preparation for these foreign universities at their 11th grade.  


It is also a great opportunity for the international students to take this course in Cyprus and use it as a bridge to other countries. Cyprus is located on a very ideal geography and studying in a beautiful island like Cyprus is also a great privilege for students. The safe environment and the fun life with full of activities, Cyprus is welcoming new students.