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Welcome to CRPC Education Centre


CRPC (Cyprus Recruitment and Placement Consultancy) is a British Council and UCAS-approved centre specializing as an educational consultant and university agent for more than 20 years. In 2017, CRPC started to deliver a range of courses, which are carefully designed to fulfil your needs for career development and university preparation and support. This brochure will guide you to find all the essential information needed about our centre and its teaching facilities.

We specialize in delivering foundational and HND courses (2-3 years diploma programme) in subjects: English, Turkish, French, Business, International Relations, Computer Skills and Research Techniques. We aim to support all our students academically and career-wise in the topics chosen through extensive training. These courses offer our students skills compatible with those delivered in universities and competencies that one may encounter throughout the career path.

We welcome local and international students from diverse countries with a vision of training independent and autonomous individuals. We believe that our students will benefit from the cultural richness and the academic training they will receive here and expand their potential as global learners by joining our programme.


We look forward to meeting you in our education centre!



CRPC launches CRPC Business and language school. Courses are for both local and international students. Registration begins on first of April 2017.

CRPC: Gursel language school offers Language courses. New students can register every Monday. 

For academic year, the start dates are January, April and September.


Since 2004
Opening hours

Mon - Fri: 10.00 -13.00 



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