Why UK ?



*United Kingdom is known to have made a good reputation worldwide with its dynamic and quality education at different levels:  foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD or any other level of courses.

* A certificate obtained from a UK institution helps you find a suitable job in most parts of the world.
* A second language, English, you will be learning during your studies in the UK will also gain you a very valuable additional skill besides your field of study.

* The British Education system, besides being practical, helps you discover your creativity.

* The British education system motivates you to build up your studies with the help of group working.

*The flow of knowledge as a result of information exchange will help you to improve yourself personally along with many students from different nationalities.

*In the UK you will meet people from various nations and religions

*Due to the geographical location of the UK, you will have the opportunity to travel to European countries, many of which take not more then 2 hours, with reasonable prices.

*Besides being receiving a good education, you will also find the opportunity to work in different fields.  There is no limitation for European Union students in terms of the number of working hours. This is limited with 20 hours for Non-EU students which is enough to earn their pocket money.

*In addition to earning money; your work experience will also increase your opportunities in finding a good job.

*The other advantage the UK Universities has is that the duration of the courses is shorter compared to those many other countries. In the USA, Turkey and TRNC, the undergraduate courses lasts for four years and postgraduate studies two years whereas in the UK the degree courses last for three years and the postgraduate courses  for one year.

*Thus we you will save time and money!
* The universities offer the opportunity to choose different subjects from many optional modules.

*The British universities provide services with many social activities that helps you to adopt yourself to the new study environment.

*Never worry about your health as universities in the UK offer you free health services for first aid and other certain circumstances.

*Finally, based on our personal experience, we can assure you that during your studies in the UK you will not only improve your academic knowledge but will also find the opportunity to develop your personal skills.


Education and Expenses

Education in the UK has many advantages. Besides receiving a quality education due to shorter study duration, you will not only save money but time as well.  In general, the undergraduate studies last for 3 years and postgraduate studies 1 year.

*Foundation: this study takes 1 year. The prices differ from university to university and also the nature of the course.
                *Extended degree foundation programme: the price of this foundation is the same as that of the university udnergraduate course.
                * International foundation programme: independently priced by the university.
                *Undergraduate studies: Independently priced (7,000-10,000 GBP)
                *Postgraduate degrees:  Independently priced



General entry requirements

1-International Foundation Programme :this programme which is mainly on language education also offers the student the opportunity to get themseves familiarize with the intended undergraduate degree programme. The programme which in general is 60% English language studies and 40% subject modules, aims to preparethe student for the undergraduate degree.
Conditions required are: 4.5/5.0 IELTS and a good high school average.